Battle of Buckland Mills October 19th, 1863 List of Regiments, Wounded and Casualities

Follow this link to Appendix A, B, and C from the Buckland Battlefield Report by Stephen Fonzo dated March, 2008.

Listed below, by regiment, are casualties in the Battle of Buckland Mills, as noted in primary and secondary regimental records and histories. The date of each casualty is taken directly from the sources, and may differ from October 19, 1863 in the same way that many of the firsthand battle narratives, including official reports, have incorrect dates. The Buckland Mills Battlefield extended from New Baltimore in the west to Gainesville and Haymarket in the east and due to the wide area covered and the long duration of fighting, there were soldiers wounded, captured, and/or killed in each of these places, not just the town of Buckland. Some accounts provide extra details regarding the soldier and his casualty; these notes are included here along with references to the source. In a few instances, a single soldier is listed more than once because he was wounded in two different areas of the battlefield, or wounded in one area and captured at another.

Field Hospital records for Union troops do not specify where and when men were wounded, but the lists of injuries may represent additional casualties from this battle that cannot yet be confirmed. Hospital records for each regiment are included in Appendix B.

Appendix C is the September 30, 1863 (organization of forces during Bristoe Campaign), Army of Northern Virginia, Regiments engaged in military actions during Battle of Buckland Mills.

Military Roster