Battle of Buckland Mills, October 19th 1863

Civil War Wiki provides this detailed description of the 1863 Battle of Buckland Mills and the military maneuvers that occurred during the engagement.

Stuart reported that “the enemy broke and the rout was soon complete.” The chase, conducted at a full gallop, lasted from outside of Warrenton to Buckland. Stuart also took great pleasure in quoting one version of the story that described the event as a “”deplorable spectacle of 7,000 cavalry dashing riderless, hatless, and panic stricken” until they reached their supporting infantry. Not all were lucky enough to complete the dash for safety. Lost to Davies were “about 250 prisoners” as well as “8 wagons and ambulances.” One of the wagons captured contained Custer’s personal baggage and headquarters papers. Some of Custer’s personal correspondence would eventually appear in the Richmond newspapers. Also left behind but later recovered were a forge wagon (the team shot to prevent capture) and a limber chest of artillery ammunition.

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