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Everything you need to stay in the know about Buckland

Battle of Buckland Mills, October 19th 1863

Civil War Wiki provides this detailed description of the 1863 Battle of Buckland Mills and the military maneuvers that occurred during the engagement. Stuart reported that “the enemy broke and the rout was soon complete.” The chase, conducted at a full gallop, lasted from outside of Warrenton to Buckland. Stuart also took great pleasure in Read more about Battle of Buckland Mills, October 19th 1863[…]

Echos of History

This document published November 1st, 1973 is an in depth chronicling of Buckland’s unique history. “Every county, every city, and every village has its own tale to tell. Buckland is no exception. It has its share of stories, humorous and otherwise.” Echoes of History 11-1973 Buckland